Members of the Pulaski County Bar Association meet on the second Friday of each month, September through April. These membership meetings begin at 11:45 am and are held at the William J. Clinton Presidential Center, 1200 President Clinton Avenue, Little Rock, Arkansas.

February Luncheon, Friday, Feb. 13, Clinton Center

Justice BrownRetired Arkansas Supreme Court Justice Robert L. Brown and the National Center for State Courts’ Jesse Rutledge will discuss the pros and cons of the systems for selecting judges. Because ethics require them not only to be fair and impartial, but to appear fair and impartial as well, judicial candidates have unique challenges in campaigning, and serving once elected. While legislators can make promises to donors, judges may not. We will discuss a recent case, in which a former judge has pleaded guilty to bribery.

Brown led the Arkansas Bar Association’s Task Force on Judicial Election Reform, which recommended a system to respond to unfair and untrue attacks on candidates; a voter guide with information about the candidates; and a pledge for candidates to sign, agreeing to be fair and follow the judicial canons. None of that has happened.

Before joining the NCSC, Rutledge worked for Justice at Stake, which works to keep courts fair and impartial. He works with courts throughout the country to help improve administration of the state judiciaries, and brings broad experience and observations to the discussion.

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