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Dear Fellow Lawyers,

The Pulaski County Bar Association 2023-2024 bar year is upon us, and I am honored to serve as your President. The official PCBA bar year begins July 1st and will end June 30th, 2024. Joining or renewing your membership is the perfect opportunity to engage with the legal community and experience both personal and professional growth. Please join the PCBA today and experience the many benefits of membership!

Here are just a few reasons to become a member of the Pulaski County Bar Association:

1. Making a Difference: By joining PCBA, you become part of a community that actively works towards making a difference in your county and state. As a united group of legal professionals, we are available to collaborate on initiatives that address pressing issues and bring positive change to our legal system.

2. Education and Knowledge Sharing: PCBA values staying current with legal trends. As a member, you’ll access educational resources, seminars, workshops, and guest speaker events. Share your expertise with others. while promoting a culture of learning and growth in our community.

3. Networking Opportunities: One of the greatest benefits of joining PCBA is the chance to reconnect with old friends and forge new relationships. Our bar association hosts regular monthly luncheons with guest speakers, social events, and community outreach programs, providing the perfect platform to expand your professional network and establish meaningful connections with fellow

4. Outstanding Continuing Legal Education (CLE): The PCBA takes pride in offering the best Continuing Legal Education (CLE) opportunities in the State. As a member. you’ll have access to a diverse range of high -quality CLE programs. covering a wide array of legal topics. These educational sessions not only fulfill your CLE requirements but also enhance your professional skills and keep you informed about recent developments in the legal field. PCBA CLE is also the best bargain you will find. Our programs have a money back guarantee. If you are not 100 percent satisfied. your payment will be immediately refunded. No questions asked.

5. Enhancing Your Professional Reputation: Boost your professional reputation with the PCBA. Join a committee to contribute to initiatives, showcase expertise. collaborate with esteemed professionals, and make a tangible impact in our legal community.

6. Enjoyment and Fun: Joining the PCBA ensures enjoyment and fun! We prioritize camaraderie and work -life balance through social events, community service activities, and relaxed gatherings to connect with fellow members.

As we gear up for the upcoming bar year, please contact me, our Executive Director Carol King, or any member of our board if you have questions or thoughts on ways to improve your association.


Adrienne Griffis, President
Pulaski County Bar Association