Article II – Constitution of the Pulaski County Bar Association

The objects and purposes of the Association are to advance the administration of justice according to law; to aid the courts in carrying on the administration of justice; to foster and maintain on the part of those engaged in the practice of law high ideals of integrity, learning, competence and public service and high standards of conduct; to encourage cordial relations among lawyers; to provide a forum for the discussion of subjects pertaining to the practice of law and related subjects; to carry on a program of continual education among lawyers; to improve the judicial and legal process and the science of jurisprudence; to advance the law and order; to encourage practice that would advance and improve the honor and dignity of the legal profession; and to encourage the legal profession and its individual members to perform and to discharge more efficiently their responsibilities in the public interest.

Pulaski County Bar Association Code of Professional Courtesy

  1. I will conduct myself with the dignity befitting an advocate and counselor in a learned profession.
  2. My word is my bond. A reputation for integrity is my goal.
  3. I will represent my client with vigor without becoming obnoxious.
  4. I will keep my clients well informed and involved in the decisions that affect them, but I will avoid emotional involvement that could cloud my objectivity.
  5. Legal technicalities cost someone time and money. Therefore, I will provide information which my adversary is entitled to receive without motions, hearings, orders or other formalities. Upon request, I will stipulate to known facts.
  6. Ordinarily, I will try to reach agreements for setting depositions and appointments.
  7. Zealous advocacy does not include harassment, needless delay or abusive discovery.
  8. I will refrain from unnecessary condemnation of the Court, my adversary or opposing parties.
  9. It will be my practice, when each proceeding ends, to tender my hand of friendship to my adversary.
  10. I will take and return telephone calls as soon as possible.
  11. I will not permit secretaries, legal assistants, paralegals or other non-lawyers to communicate with a judge on my behalf, to appear before a judge on substantive matters or otherwise engage in the practice of law.
  12. When appearing before a Court, I will dress and behavior appropriately. I will stand to address the Court.
  13. I will be punctual, arriving sufficiently in advance of an appointed time to dispose of preliminary matters.
  14. I will honor both the words and spirit of the Arkansas Rules of Professional Conduct.

Adopted by the Pulaski County Bar Association – January 2, 1990